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November 30th Lunar Eclipse: Pack Light!

Can you sense that bigger and better things are ahead? The full moon/lunar eclipse on November 30th represents release and renewal. But before we fully let go and embrace what lies ahead let's take a moment of silence for all we've made it through - this year alone.

This lunar eclipse won't make it easy to figure out what it is we need to move away from. But you will want to pay specific attention to your emotions. An adjustment will be needed

whether you find your own way or you're dragged kicking and screaming. The key to making it out victorious on the other side is flexibility and acceptance. So pack light because the baggage of the past has no room where we're headed!

This time can really test your relationships and cause tension if you're not careful. And this uncertainty isn't limited to just your romantic relationships. This could very well be your relationship with money, food, family, drugs and/or yourself. Addressing unresolved issues from the past is the key to restoring balance and harmony in the present.

Though we may not like the past we do have to accept it. That doesn't mean that we agree with everything that happened. But we've acknowledged it, learned from it and are moving on in faith that the Universe is not conspiring against us and everything is working for our good.

Acceptance = Peace. So start with yourself. When you accept yourself for who you are it will become easier for you to find peace and allow others the space to accept themselves. The secret is to learn to love, accept and understand YOUrself first.

That way even if something is removed from your life during this time, you are in tune with your star player and won't be down for long. Commit to being open to change and willing to allow yourself to grow through whatever it is you have to go through. Give yourself permission to feel and just be. Trust and rest assured that there is a divine purpose to all your pain.

So take a moment to think...What do you need to accept? What do you want to change? What are you willing to let go of to get what you want?

Once you have your answers, love yourself and trust the process for whatever this lunar eclipse brings your way.

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