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Practical Self Care - DIY Bathroom Reveal

They say home is where the heart is.

So self-care for me today looked like taking care of my heart by updating my guest bathroom! To most remodeling an outdated bathroom sounds more like hard work than relaxation but I beg to differ.

I woke up and dove right into this project so this more of a “during” photo but you get the idea. Keep in mind I have no construction experience whatsoever but I wasn’t afraid to research and try. Worst case scenario I’d have to shell out a few bucks to have someone right my wrongs. #ThePerksofBeingAHomeowner

By completing this project solo I was able to save some serious coin. I was in full control of design, budget, time and most importantly this is one less thing I have to do later. The total cost was around $300. That included paint, shelving, bathroom accessories, grout Renew, caulk and a new wax seal for the toilet. I won’t bore you with the details but a trip to Lowe’s, an “add to cart” on Amazon and a few (wo)man hours later and here you have it! My new bathroom is complete.

The blue-grey hue that has been plastered to my wall for the past seven years is gone along with every drab memory it bore witness to. Something about renewing and transforming this space put my mind at ease and boosted my sense of accomplishment.

The reality is self care can be practical. It doesn’t always have to look like candles, crystals, yoga poses and bubble baths.

Take a minute and reflect on what have you been putting off? Think of something you love to do that is healthy and go do that today or make a plan to in the very near future. Better yet, I challenge you to tackle something you left on your honey do list or a project you have been procrastinating on completing.

Remember it’s not just about renewing of your Space but also renewing of your mind.

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